City Portrait

"Vesalia Hospitalis"

Gate of Berlin

Hospitable Wesel, this name of honour was given to Wesel in 1578, and still today Wesel feels responsible to meet this requirement.

At that time Wesel was member of the Hanse und was the most important Hanse-city between Cologne and Amsterdam. This resulted on the favourable location nearby the Rhine and the river Lippe

Nowadays the location of the city in the midst of the wide typical area of the Niederrhein at the end of the Ruhr-area made Wesel become a favourite recreation area in the immediate vicinity.

Pupils of Konrad-Duden-Gymnasium (grammar school) have created a city portrait of their hometown Wesel during their English lessons.

The city portrait gives you a well-illustrated and funny survey of Wesel, its history, geography and leisure facilities.

Click here to open the full portrait (2,1 MB).